Tender Announcement for Handicrafts Website Development


Women’s Development “Resource Center” Foundation announces a tender for the development and launching of Handicrafts Website.

Services Requested
Development and launching a handicrafts website for the Women’s Development “Resource Center” Foundation.
The main goal of this assignment is to create a comprehensive website aiming to represent the Foundation, its products, artisans that create the products as well make possible to make purchases.
During years of operation the Foundation has united number of women artisans who were passionate about craftwork, eco-friendly production and socially responsible entrepreneurship. We believe that future website will be designed and structured the way its represents all stakeholder groups of the foundation: artisans, customers, partners, etc.
According to the above mentioned scope the website should include text as well as media materials such as product photos and videos, descriptions, information about artisans, Foundation and its partners.
According to initially defined structure the website should have the following pages:
1.1.  Home – this includes: a revolving sequence of photos; brief introduction to the purpose of the website.
1.2.  About – this includes: description of the Foundation which runs the website, including information about its members, activities, financing and the crafts centre in Garni
1.3.  Products – this lists the products offered by the website, which are categorized and can be searched by type, artisan and marz. It includes a map of Armenia divided into marzes and showing the location of the artisans. When clicking on a product, this brings up a photo and description of the product, as well as a link to the artisan. When shopping for products, there should be the option “add to basket”, as well as “checkout”
1.4.  Artisans – this includes a series of icons – one per artisan – the icon consists of a photo of the artisan and brief info. When clicking on the icon, this brings a separate page with more information about the artisan, including videos and links to their products.
1.5.  Contacts – this sets out the name, address and contact details, as well as a form for getting in contact.
Functional requirements
As for functional requirements website public users should be able to:
  • Read about the Foundation, the value chain of creating handicrafts
  • Contact with the representatives of Foundation, get contact information
  • Observe artisans’ and their stories filtered by the communities (Goris, Meghri, Sisian, etc.)
  • Observe products (handicrafts) as a list and in separate pages with details (images, descriptions)
  • Purchase products
Administrators of the shop should be able to:
  • Add and change the content of the website (texts, photos, etc.)
  • Add new products and edit/delete them later
  • Add new artisans and edit/delete them later
  • Manage users
  • Manage purchases
  • Observe statistics on purchases
  • Export reports on users, purchases or other data
Application procedures
All interested candidates are welcome to send their proposals (including price quotes) to: no later than 28 August, 2019. Please, mention the title (“Handicrafts Website Developer”) in the subject line of the email.


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