New jobs thanks to wool production

Shirak region, and Amasia municipality in particular, is known for its long tradition of sheep breeding and traditional wool crafts, integral part of its inhabitants’ cultural heritage. Local sheep wool is long, plentiful and thick with up to 16 natural colours; it is ideally suited for carpet, rugs and fabric making. Yet, sheep are currently bred only for meat.

A wool-processing factory is being established in Shirak marz, including infrastructure and production lines. The former cinema building, which was not being used, has been turned into a wool-processing factory after renovation and will provide jobs to not only the residents of Amasia, but also the surrounding communities. The equipment will mainly be imported from Italy and China, but domestic equipment will also be used for production. It is expected that the equipment will be installed in the middle of February, and the factory will be officially opened in April.

People in Need (PIN) together with co-applicants Women Development Resource Centre Development Foundation, Shirak Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Amasia Municipality have designed an intervention to revive and modernise the wool value chain and the arts of wool crafts in Shirak region as a motor for job creation and Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) development, thus increasing employment and economic competitiveness in the crafts sector in Shirak region.

The project is funded by the EU and the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development of Armenia.

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