On equal terms


"WINNET Goris" Development Fund, which was established in 2009, using the concept of "women's support frameworks in the region" (Swedish best practice), together with partner women's resource centers (RCCs) of Kapan and Meghri, played an important role in the local and regional sustainable development of Syunik marz. in the involvement of women. Highlighting the strength and capabilities of the network, these three Women's Resource Centers merged in 2010 as the Syunik Women's Resource Centers Network. The team's commitment and potential were instrumental in the organization's membership of the European Association of Women's Resource Centers (WINNET Europe) (www.winneteurope.org) in 2014, the first and still only non-EU member.

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2008 -2009

"Meghru Women's Resource Center" NGO

"WINNET Goris" Development Foundation (formerly Women’s Development Resource Center)

"Kapani Women's Resource Center" NGO


Network of Syunik Women's Resource Centers


Syunik's network of women's resource centers was renamed Winnet Armenia


Syunik's network of women's resource centers was renamed Winnet Armenia

"Ijevan Women's Resource Center" Foundation

"Sisian Women's Resource Center" Foundation

"Yeghegnadzor Women's Resource Center" Foundation


Winnet Bird Social Foundation 

"Winnet Vanadzor" Women and Youth Development NGO


"Winnet Gyumri" Women and Youth Development NGO

Ruzanna Torozyan

Our goal is realized through our support for the elevation of women's roles and their active participation across diverse fields. The women within our team are driven and resilient, sharing a belief in our collective objectives. Through unwavering teamwork, we make strides each day, resulting in noticeable successes that serve as inspiration for other women and organizations. Collaborating with them, we enhance the effectiveness of our joint work together.

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To support economic and political empowerment of women in Armenia through establishment and development of women's resource centres at four levels: community, federal, national and regional.


To build a secure, prosperous and democratic society with equal opportunities for all.


  • enhanced participation of women in decision making processes;
  • enhanced economic role and increased competitiveness of women; 
  • improvement in social protection of women;
  • protection of women’s health;
  • prevention of gender-based violence;
  • effective implementation of gender policies at all levels;
  • participation of women in conflict regulation, post-conflict rehabilitation and peace-keeping;
  • empowering women and youth through counseling and training for their projects/business ideas;
  • facilitating access to women's networks for women;
  • increased role and representation of women in the labor market and society.